How To Find Adventure In Your Everyday Life

May 30, 2017 0 Comments
Written By: Melissa M
Photo: Max Lakutin

To me, there’s nothing better than traveling. I love the excitement of boarding a plane, the giddiness I feel when loading a car up to the brim. I don’t mind packing, or living out of a suitcase, or even lugging it around from place to place. I love trying new food and exploring new towns and getting lost on paths I’ve never walked before.

I love the adventure. Being wide open to new experiences. Navigating new ground. MacGyver-ing it and figuring shit out like how to work the weird locks in Paris apartments, or finding the only open pharmacy in Lisbon when you get an allergic reaction and your eye swells shut, or dumping out your entire suitcase and crawling around on your hands and knees when you come back to your hotel room to find that a mouse ate through all your snacks.

If I could, I would always be traveling and experiencing something new. But life doesn’t always allow for that. And I know we’re constantly seeing posts on Facebook about living the way you want and not giving in to a settled life. But quite honestly, that’s not an option for most people and there’s rent to be paid and jobs (that we love) to go to. The nomad life can’t be for everyone. So, when my wanderlust gets a little too strong and my feet feel a little too restless, I do what I can to keep that travel bug inside me satiated until my next trip.

For those of you like me who just can’t quite sit still, here are a few ways to keep your adventurous soul happy in your everyday life.

Find a trail

My boyfriend will tell you no one likes walks as much as I like walks. I don’t care what I’m exploring, as long as I’m on a trail and breathing in some fresh air. Walk around your neighbourhood. Drive out to a conservation area. Go for a hike. Climb some hills and hang out with some wildlife and see the town from a new perspective. It’s crazy what some elevated ground and a new path can do for your heart.

Hit the road

Grab the essentials and a day’s worth of food, and drive for a few hours. Spend the day wherever you end up. My go-to spot for a day trip is almost always a lake or beach. There are some beautiful lakes in Ontario, and I try to dip my toes in as many bodies of water as I can. Wherever your happy place, go there and spend the day and come home refreshed and glowing from the inside out.

Try that new activity everyone is talking about

If you dig adventure, you’ll find it everywhere. Check out that new indoor obstacle course in the city, sign up for an artsy day class, go rock climbing. Anything that opens you up to something new. Or, just go for a run in an area you haven’t run in before. There’s nothing like new streets to remind you of the beauty of everyday life (and distract you from your burning lungs).

Spend the night somewhere else

Even one or two nights in a new place can feel like a little trip. Pack up your tent and a few sleeping bags and hit a campground. Get a hotel room in a different city. Leave right after work on a Friday. Get a bumping playlist going. Grab a coffee on the way there. Turn off your phone. Let yourself be excited the whole week leading up to your mini departure. It doesn’t have to be far or for a long period of time to be exciting.

Whatever your source of exercising your adventurous side, keep finding new ways to keep that spark alive. The world is big and beautiful, and that beauty is not limited to extravagant cross-ocean locales. Happy adventuring, fellow explorers.