Why America Has A Fetish With Jeans

April 20, 2017 0 Comments
Photo: Christian D. Bruun

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who would spend $20, 000 + on a pair of jeans, and the ones who wouldn’t. Americans spend over $450 million on jeans a year!

On April 4, Director Christian D. Bruun released his new documentary Blue Gold: American Jeans – which focuses on the phenomenon of jeans in the fashion industry. Narrated by Edward Burns, the film interviews fashion icons such as Tommy Hilfiger, Isaac Mizrahi, and the founder of Diesel, Adriano Goldschmied.

JossBecause sat down with Christian to discuss the phenomenon of this wardrobe staple. He quotes “…jeans are fucking cool”, and we can’t argue with that.

Why does the world have a fascination with jeans?

Two reasons: 1. They’re American so there’s the cool history of Marlon Brando, James Dean, cowboys and rock stars. 2. They last longer than anything out there. If you have a suit and it’s old, you toss it, or a shirt. Jeans actually get better. They get more beautiful with time. They’re like a second skin.

Where did the inspiration for this film come from?

I went to the Rose Bowl flea market at 5am on a Sunday, and people were lined up. When the doors opened most people went to buy jeans. People would sort through thousands of jeans and spend anywhere from $1500 – $10 000. I thought “what the hell is going on?”.

It turns out kids from Japan fly out or designers fly out for inspiration. That’s when I realized what they’re selling – they’re selling the story. If you find an old pair from the 50s it comes with a history.

Those stories are so important to the fashion world; they take those jeans and they recreate them. When you buys jeans now they come with holes, rips, or oil stains. The stories are in the pants.

What were the steps in making this film?

The steps were to just make the film. I didn’t know a lot about jeans. But every step of the way opened up a whole new world. When I told people I was making the movie and the story, people would talk for hours about their old jeans story. Everyone has a jeans story.

Everybody that I asked, except for Ralph Lauren *laughs*, everyone wanted to be a part of it.

What do you want audiences to get out of this story?

Ultimately I want people to fall in love with jeans. On one hand they’re super cool and special. I also want them to give second thoughts to the fact that we’re all wearing them. They’re personal and they’re universal.

Available on VOD, DVD, Blu Ray, and iTunes on April 4