Why Is Body Oil Is Better Than Lotion?

August 7, 2016 2 Comments

I’ve always had super dry skin (except on my face, you could fry an egg on my face). As I get older I’ve started to develop eczema on my arms and no matter what lotion I use, my body sucks it all up in less than an hour. Unless you’re buying Glysomed, which leaves you all sticky, I feel like lotions are all the same and barely even work that well. A few months ago I discovered Body Oil (hallelujah chorus) and this has been a game changer.

I am in no way an expert on what the breakdown of lotion is or what mineral oil is best or even why it’s actually okay to put oil on your face if your breakout prone (crazy, but true!). These are the reasons why body oil has worked for me and what I can testify for. However if I can recommend one thing, it would be not to pour the oil on yourself and then lather, because it can get a little messy. Just put some on the palm of your hands, a little goes a long way.

Oil Actually Leaves You Moisturized

I put body oil on every morning and every night and my skin feels smooth all day. And I know what you’re all thinking: “Is it greasy?” the answer is NO.

Forget Leg Bronzer

While oil doesn’t make my skin any darker, there is this sheer look it gives my legs afterwards that makes me want to show them off.

It’s Relaxing

There’s a reason why spa’s use oil when they massage you. Depending on the type you use it can do wonders for your mind.

It’s The Same Price As Lotion

“No thanks, I’m fine buying my lotion from Target.” Well it’s the same price so hah! A great example would be the body oil from Victoria’s Secret – it’s only $8 a bottle, same as the lotion.

A few of my favorite brands:


Body Shop




Victoria’s Secret


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    Teri Hart

    August 7, 2016

    The Honour brand by Jessica Alba is quite great too!

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      August 7, 2016

      I’ll have to try that one!