Dead Of Summer -The Devil Inside Review

August 17, 2016 0 Comments
Written By: Shania Francis
Dead of Summer is a show about a group of teenage camp counselors who arrive at Camp Stillwater for the summer. Little do they know it’s swarming with demon worshippers and aggrieved ghosts. Each episode in the season is dedicated to a character and their back story, although that’s not all that happens. From the very start the teens start to have nightmares and visions. The show creates characters secrets, feuds and romances along with a sense of drama and mystery.
In the most recent episode “The Devil Inside” we see Amy being possessed yet again. The actors performed extremely well in this episode and managed to really create a sense of uneasiness.
Many things have happened leading up to this point, each character has been through a lot. And it’s changed them all. We see characters having to make life-threatening choices that could put others in danger and we also see characters testing one another. Trust is tested and also broken. Just when everyone thinks everything is okay another secret or mystery is uncovered. That’s what I really like about the show.
It constantly has the audience on edge and in nail-biting situations. The Devil Inside focused on the character Jessie or “braces” back story. The back stories allow us to understand why the character is the way they are, and they are real eye openers. I mean, you are told not to judge a book by it’s cover. And through showing us these back stories the writers have allowed us to really understand what is going on and how the characters pasts are affecting them now.
People’s pasts are really important. It’s a part of who we are. In the episode Jessie has been targeted to make a life-threatening decision. She has people telling her not to do it but also people telling her to do what she think is right. Because of her back story we come to understand that she has trouble relying on people and trusting them. But, in the end she makes the right decision and we learn that sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.

My personal thoughts on the episode are (caution: spoilers)

I thought the episode was so amazing. I was especially happy to see Amy and Alex making out, even if Amy was possessed. There is alot of potential in their relationship and I honestly ship them so much. ALSO I loved seeing all the scenes between Blair and Drew. They are honestly my otp. Although the episode was amazing I was so angry that Joel was killed off. He had so much more to give and they shouldn’t have done that. But I guess everything happens for a reason, so killing him off was just part of moving forward. Seeing Cricket back was also really nice, even if she is still dead. I missed her.

The whole episode was just amazing, I really need Jessie and the Deputy to admit their feelings soon because it’s so frustrating that they haven’t yet. Next episode looks really good and I can’t wait to see it!


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