Happy Friday: A Few Of My Favorite Things

August 12, 2016 1 Comments

The weekend is here and some of you not only unplug from work but unplug from social media. I envy you. For those of you I won’t be seeing until Monday, have a wonderful weekend! Here’s a few of my favorite things from this week to send you on your way!

Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light Before Transparent

When you hear Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light, you may think of this:


But I will never forget this infamous tennis scene. Am I right Who’s The Boss fans? I bet some of you didn’t even know they co-starred together before Transparent! (Ps – Tony Kills is one of my favorite episodes)


Cute Business Cards

Want to get business cards? Go to Moo. I cannot rave enough about this site. I got my cards done here and could not have been more pleased! Their designs are super trendy and will leave you wanting to start up more than one business.


‘Hook’ Turns 25: Lost Boys Reunite For Photo Shoot, Remember Robin Williams

Hook is one of my favorite films for many reasons, so touching to see them all back together.


Chrissy Tiegen in Beverly Hills

My parents went on the TMZ tour this week and actually saw Chrissy Tiegen. They also saw David Beckham…so I guess the TMZ tour is worth the money?



Chloe + Isabel Chokers

Chloe + Isabel is currently my favorite jewelry line. If you like minimal accessories like me, you’re an Isabel, but don’t worry! For those of you who are all about the bling, Chloe is for you! Interested in purchasing anything from their line? Reach out to Freya. She is the absolute best and tell her I sent you!

Shop her site HERE.





Succulents are currently my favorite. They’re easy to take care of and since I can’t have pets in my apartment, I guess this will do. I found these ones at an adorable pop-up in The Grove; they range from $10-$20. Absolutely worth it!




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    Teri Hart

    August 12, 2016

    What necklace are you wearing in your picture? Is it 1 or 2? I want to copy you.