5 Things We’d Like To See on Greys Anatomy Season 13

August 22, 2016 6 Comments
Written By: Maria Rodriguez

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its heart wrenching and emotionally devastating finales. (The shooting am I right?) Yet, it is mostly its shocking cliffhangers that have us going back to it every season. Season 12 finale was no exception, and here are 5 things I would like to see throughout its thirteen season.

Owen and Amelia’s life as newlyweds

Owen and Amelia’s relationship has been a rocky one from the start. Both are very complicated characters, which caused problems in their relationship and made them go on and off constantly. However, as the season went on we saw them grow as individuals and as a couple. Now they’re married and happy, but of course, it is Shonda Rhimes, which means we can’t expect everything to be rainbows and unicorns for too long. I truly hope to see their marriage progress and for them to confront whatever obstacles are to come together. (Cause that worked so well for Owen’s last marriage, yikes)

Meredith’s guilt

In the season 12 finale, Meredith finds out that Maggie, her sister, has her eyes on the new doctor, Nathan Riggs. This wouldn’t be a problem if Meredith hadn’t been sleeping with that same doctor, something Maggie has no idea about. This love triangle seems to scream heartbreak already. Hopefully, we’ll see Meredith struggle on whether she’ll tell Maggie about her relationship with Riggs or not. Who do you prefer to see Nathan with?

Arizona moving on

Arizona Robbins is by far one of my favorite characters on the show, yet most of her story lines have been tied to Callie. Now with Callie’s departure, I hope to see her grow as an individual. Since her daughter left with Callie, it would be nice to see her coping with not having her all the time. She has gone through hell and back; I don’t even remember the last time she was truly happy. Expectantly, season 13 will open new doors for her, maybe a new love interest? My heart belongs with Callie and Arizona, but she deserves love and happiness more than most.

Jo’s story, the real one

Are we back to square one with Jo Wilson? It sure seems like it. The bomb was dropped during the season 12 finale when Jo reveals the real reason she can’t marry Alex; she’s already married. Now the question is, to whom? I honestly wasn’t expecting this at all and I think it’s a very interesting story line which I’m really looking forward to watch develop. Jo entered the show as a strong female character with a troubled past. Unfortunately as the show went on, she became background; she had no story lines and became somewhat annoying. Thankfully, they’re stepping it up again with this new unexpected plot twist.

Jackson and April’s new dynamic

One of the most heartbreaking moments from season 12 was Jackson and April’s divorce, which lead to plenty of arguments and hurtful comments. The good news is,  though, that in the middle of all that darkness, was a bit of light. At the end of the season, April gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I am now very interested to know how both Jackson and April are going to co-parent after all they’ve gone through, including the loss of their son Samuel. Hopefully, their daughter will bring them closer and will be the key to fixing their relationship.


These are just some of the things I’d like to see throughout season 13, what are yours?

Grey’s Anatomy comes back on September 22nd, don’t forget to tune in!


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Maria, who goes by Chipi, was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she currently resides and attends the University of Puerto Rico. She is a Business Administrator with Human Resources Major and hopes to one day enter Law School.

On her free time, she enjoys watching TV shows. She describes herself as a huge nerd and will happily stop whatever she’s doing to discuss the latest episode or a fan theory. She has also recently gotten into comic books, realizing that written word wasn’t enough, the addition of drawings wasn’t just interesting, it was breathtaking.




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