Kanye West Opens The Pablo Store Pop Up In Toronto

August 21, 2016 0 Comments

Written By: Hayley Bradbrook


Despite the sweltering summer heat, fans have been lining up for Kanye West’s pop up store. The Pablo Store that is open to the public the Aug. 20th weekend on Ossington Ave and Queen St. West in downtown Toronto.  The T-dot location is one out of 21 store selling exclusive Pablo merchandise.


The rapper isn’t the first celebrity to build a temporary store for fans in the 6ix – Justin Bieber had a pop up shop on Queen St. West selling exclusive Purpose tour t-shirts back in May.  Drake made an appearance at his own pop-up store selling t-shirts to promote his chart-topping album Views this past April.


Being the serious journalist that I am I decided to take a look at the pop up store myself to see if the rapper’s clothing is really worth the hype.


When I first arrived at the location, the line didn’t seemed not too bad. I saw around 20 people lining up behind a barricade and two security guards (which helped give the store a more exclusive feel) were in front of the store. It thought I would be able to get into the pop-up shop in no time. Boy was I dead wrong. As I walked past the barricade I noticed there were more fans lined up, and realized that the line up was about three blocks long! I should have brought a chair or water bottle with me if I knew that I was going to wait that long.




Many fans that were waiting to buy clothing in the store had that very hipster- urban downtown look going on. Round shaped glasses, Nike sneakers, unisex baseball caps, long t-shirts and skinny jeans. They all seemed to have that cool factor that I don’t really poses on a day-to-day basis.


The pop-up store itself has a very simplistic clean look to it with all white walls, and a giant mirror standing in the corner of the store.  There is also the word “Toronto” in a V shaped formation on one wall with the same font that is use in all of Kanye’s Pablo line. This spot is a great for any trendy fashionista wanting to take an Instagram photo.


Photo Courtesy of BlogTO

The clothing store only sells tees, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets, and baseball caps (my favourite personally are the baseball caps as they have the same Toronto logo that is displayed on the store wall). Most of the merchandise is either white with gold lettering or just orange with yellow lettering.



Photo Courtesy of BlogTO

After staring at all the clothing and kind of feeling like a fish out of water being the only non-Kanye fan in the store- I talked to the Sale Associates and they presented me with a menu of all the clothing items they have. All the customer has to do is circle what they want and buy it!Also big note: they only allow customers to be in for maximum fifteen minutes so make your short amount of time in the store count!




The pop–up shop overall was pretty cool and had that same vibe that Kanye and the whole Kardashian have going on – simple, chique, and edgy. So if you’re into the rapper’s style right now I would definitely go. Although personally I hope that there will be another celebrity will open up a location for exclusive merchandise. Here’s hoping there’s a Beyonce pop up shop coming soon!