Michelle Obama and Brunch, A Few Of My Favorite Things

October 14, 2016 0 Comments

It was a great week for JossBecause! I feel like I’m getting better at putting out more content on a daily basis (it’s so hard on your own). But I have Hayley, my incredible site contributor helping me (thank you again, girl!). I have so many plans for the blog and the gears are definitely in motion, which is so exciting. It’s so easy to get comfortable with what you have, but remember to never settle and keep setting new goals.

This weekend I was supposed to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios with my cousins. Long story short, that’s not happening anymore and I couldn’t be more relieved. Don’t hate me, but I’m not huge on Halloween. It was never one of my favorite holidays. The idea of finding a costume and deciding what party to go to (because I have oh so many invites) stresses me out. I’m a huge scaredy-cat; I can’t watch scary movies or go to haunted mansions, to sum it up I’m not fun at all haha.

So what am I doing? I will be attending a Halloween Party in Orange County on Saturday (and no, I don’t have an outfit, and yes, I’m probably just going to wear cat ears). Sunday, my friend Kate and I are going to bake pumpkin cookies, have some girl-talk and sip wine. Also I can’t forget to shamelessly plug our Jake And Jossyl Once Upon A Time Live Review. LIVE on Youtube every Sunday 9:15pm EST/ 6:15pm PST.

Whatever you guys are doing I hope you have a safe and fun weekend! I’ve shared a few of my favorite things from this week to make your Friday even happier!

The new Rogue One Trailer. December can’t come fast enough.

You need to listen to Michelle Obama’s speech on Donald Trump.

The best jean jacket I have ever seen.

This female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school.

If you live near Eagle Rock, you must try Auntie Em’s for brunch.

A great face mask for all skin types.