Monday Muse: Candice Heath

January 9, 2017 0 Comments

I’ve known Candice Heath for almost 12 years now. She’s one of my dearest friends and one of the people I admire most; and we’ve only met 4 times.

Growing up in Virginia, Candice spent her time back and forth between her parents in Hampton and Richmond. With a passion for creating content she graduated from James Madison University with a double major in Digital Video & Cinema and Theatre. At 23 Candice packed up and moved to New York City and is currently A&E’s Social Producer.

Candice and I met through a Julie Andrews Online Forum (yes, you read that right).  We were probably the only 13 year-old’s in the community, which may have been the spark of our friendship. All I remember of that time was that “Julie_Rox_My_Sox” had the most amazing Photoshop skills. Candice was one of the first people on the forum to create legitimate fan artwork and videos – which is a testament to her career now.

Candice continues to inspire me every single day and make me laugh (especially on her Twitter). Not only does she hold a successful job in the television industry, she’s intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and holds the title of the biggest fangirl I know!


What was your dream job as a child?

Julie Andrews’ personal assistant. Also a paranormal investigator, which to be honest is still my dream job even though I’d be terrible at it. I’m afraid of everything.

Who is the person that inspires you most?

My little sister. She has overcome significant obstacles in her youth with incredible bravery. I draw on her strength whenever I find myself in feeling down. She’s so full of promise and kindness and she’s shown me the power of perseverance.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Take care of yourself. You’re no good to others if you’re not in a good place. I spend a lot of time, sometimes too much time, focusing on myself – analyzing my feelings and trying to understand them. On a good day, I really enjoy my own company and try to keep my self image in a positive space. I’ve found that I’m most successful when I’m confident and pursue interests that my inner-voice pushes me towards.

What’s the worst advice you’ve received?

Throw away your Princess Diana Commemorative Plate Collection. Like hell.

Also, don’t move to New York, it probably won’t work out. Cue Bea Arthur’s most unamused facial reaction.

Why did you make the move to NYC?

I knew from the moment I visited New York City when I was 9 that I would spend my life there one day. Sometimes you just know and that was NYC for me. So it was really just a matter of time before I found my way there but taking the leap was incredibly scary. Before moving to the city, I’d never been financially independent. I didn’t have a job but I finally trusted myself to figure it out and just go for it.

What do people assume about your career that isn’t true?

That it’s super glamorous because I work in television and that it’s easy because I also work in social media. To be fair, I’m not saving lives and I feel I’ve got it pretty made but there’s a lot of politics and big-picture thinking that people don’t take into account. There’s the same irritating quirks that come along with any job. The glamour also looses its shine a little bit. When celebrities come in and out of the office or when you’re working closely with them, it really hits home how they’re just people like everyone else. Again, it’s still exciting but it’s not quite what people imagine.

What’s the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your career?

Trusting my voice. I have a tendency to second-guess my instincts when others don’t immediately agree with me. It’s something I’m still working on because I don’t stick up for myself or my ideas enough.

Tell me about the art of fangirling ( a lot of people don’t know it’s hard out there for a fangirl).

I owe so much of my success in life to fangirling. My obsession with Julie Andrews is what drove me to learn photoshop at age 12 and video editing thereafter. The constant evolution of my passion for shows, ships, actors, and movies is what keeps me learning new skills.

Fangirling isn’t just crying over Lana Parrilla’s outfits on Once Upon A Time; it’s 1000% a creative outlet for me to focus excess energy in a positive way. I’m super passionate and emotional so when I don’t have that outlet, I become depressed and anxious.

 Additionally, the online communities that I’ve engaged with have yielded some of the best friendships of my life. It’s amazing to connect with people that understand you on a level that few people in your everyday life can tolerate. (I mean, not everyone can stand to hear me freak out about what shoes Gillian Anderson wore to a charity event the other day). Those bonds are powerful and I feel so lucky to have experienced them.

Favorite show, movie, actor, and ship. In that order. Go.

30 Rock: Feels like the closest thing to my real life.

The Hours: Angsty, poetic, stunning. Seriously go watch it.

Meryl Streep: I love her even in Mamma Mia! Fight me.

Gillovny: Gillian Anderson + David Duchovny = Gillovny. Are they together? Aren’t they together? Spoil Alert: They’re totally together. And if they’re not, bury me now because I have nothing to live for.

Celebrity Crush?

Gillian Anderson. She has no idea what an amazing couple we’d make. Somebody please tell her. I mean, if David doesn’t put a ring on it, I will.

If you could go back and give your 19 year-old self advice what would it be?

The idea that you won’t struggle is naive. People don’t talk enough about the struggle of daily life and finding your path. Feeling lost can seem incredibly bleak in the moment but it’s a very necessary part of being successful. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be open to every opportunity.

How do you want people to remember you?

The person that you laughed with until 3am and it made you pee a little.