Sangita Patel Is Both Beauty And Brains

November 2, 2016 0 Comments
By: Hayley Bradbrook

Sangita Patel is both beauty and brains. You may know her as a reporter for the national entertainment news powerhouse Entertainment Tonight Canada, but she didn’t originally start her career in TV.

Receiving her P.Eng designation as an Electrical Engineer, Sangita has a passion for both science and television. Her various volunteer positions lead her to become a weather presenter on The Weather Network. Sangita then became a weekend weather anchor on CityNews, eventually branching into entertainment and lifestyle filming her own segments for “In The City” and a regular fill-in on Breakfast Television. 

When Sangita isn’t interviewing your favorite A-List celebrities, she hosts HGTV’s renovation show Home To WinPatel told us what it’s like working in the crazy entertainment business, the importance of women receiving an education, and fitness.


What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in the industry?

The most important lesson I learned is how fast paced it is. You have to be ready at what is thrown at you. You’ve got to be on top of what’s happening in the industry through social media. You have to be able to change gears; from doing a serious to a fun story and be really on your feet and going for it.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I’m in a lucky position. I’m able to be in a studio, go and do interviews, travel a lot. I get access to these celebrities that I’m excited to see, and I love just learning from people. I’m also able to work on Home to Win as well.

Tell me more about HGTV’s Home to Win this season.

We’re on our second season. It’s a great concept of a show, and we have incredible personalities. Bringing them all together on one show where the winners get a house that is designed and built by incredible designers is amazing. To be able to be part of this project and host an event like that is amazing.

What is your biggest fan girl moment?

In terms of a fan moment I would have to say Helen Mirren. Two years ago I walked into her movie junket to interview her. She was cursing and had a potty mouth which I did not expect from her! When I sat down I was like ‘OMG’ – we were talking about Oprah! This woman is absolutely incredible. I got to create that connection with her. I don’t have a fan moment often, but with Helen I did.

You post workout videos on social media every Tuesday called #FitnessTuesday. How did this idea come about and why is fitness so important to you?

The #FitnessTuesday idea was given from friend. It happened two and a half years ago. The idea is to motivate women to do it and live your best in terms of your own life, and defining your happiness. I think fitness and health is so important to get your happiness, and get rid of all of the negative in your body. I’ve never been so fit until this age. If I can do it – and I have a career, two kids, and husband, you can do it!

What advice to have for anyone trying to break it into the business?

Don’t have fear, have a great demo reel. Connecting with people is great, and contacting people. If it is your passion then don’t be fearful!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to make a difference in the world. I want to work for a charity for empowering women. Educating girls to live their life by education, because the key to any success is education. I also see myself being a mom to two kids who are confident. I want to know that can I do that can make a change.

You can catch Patel on the silver screen on ET Canada at 7:30pm EST weeknights on Global.

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Note: The interview has been edited and condensed