How I Stopped Using Proactiv And Why You Should Too

September 6, 2016 0 Comments
Photo By: Ania Milczarczyk

Adult acne is definitely a thing, I don’t care what anyone says. Since I was 14 years old I have been dealing with more than the average amount of breakouts for a teen and 10 years later nothing has changed. I tried everything; drinking more water, cutting back on sugar (that didn’t last long) and using every possible acne treatment you could think of.

It wasn’t until I discovered Proactiv my skin started to change. Nothing but Proactiv could clear my breakouts. It was as if I was a new person; it was literally like the commercials! I would swear by Proactiv and could not recommend it enough. Every single product this line created was in my bathroom and I knew the routine for using them inside out.

If Proactiv got rid of my acne why did I continue to use it for 7 years?

That’s the weird thing about acne treatments; they’re meant to fix your skin, but are they really fixing anything if we need to continue using them? When my most recent supply of Proactiv was complete and it was time to buy a new batch (which is $$$ I must add) I reevaluated my skincare.

I would never use anything other than Proactiv because if I stopped, the breakouts would come back (this was from experience). Now as an adult I realized I can’t be using acne treatment for the rest of my life, something has got to give.

After much consultation with ladies who know about skin I decided to take the plunge and switch skincare lines.

Know Your Skin.

I’m acne prone. What else is there to know? Although classifying yourself as “Acne Prone” is all too easy, and very true, different types of skin are prone to breakouts. Before switching, know if you have dry, combination or oily skin.

Find a brand that you trust.

Do your research! Look up reviews of different brands and see what works best for your needs. See if there are other people out there with the same skin type who are using these products and what their experience is.

I went with Kate Somerville. I highly suggest Kate to everyone because I switched flawlessly. She has so many different types of products, whatever your skin type is you should be able to find something that works for you.

Don’t quit cold turkey.

Before dropping money on a bunch of new cleansers, lotions, toners, etc. Get samples of these products. Good skin care is very expensive and I know what it’s like to buy different brands and soon find out they’re not working for me. Sephora is great for samples!

Once you find what works for you, slowly ease it in to your daily routine with Proactiv. I continued to use all of my Proactive products and for 2 weeks added the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate to my routine. After 2 weeks with ExfoliKate, I replaced my cleanser with Kate’s and then my cream, and so on.

It’s okay to use products that aren’t for acne-prone skin.

The whole point of switching out of Proactiv is because we want our skin to learn to not use acne treatment. It’s completely understandable to still use some products with salicylic acid but not all of our products need it.

I’m not a skin expert but I think the reason people with acne still continue to break out is because they’re not giving their skin a chance to fend for itself. If we keep slathering acne treatment on our skin, that’s all our skin will know and will freak out once it’s gone.

I’m currently using Kate’s Acne Treatment Line (for now) but I use her Goat Milk Moisturizer as well.

End Result

For many years I’ve tried to quit Proactiv but my breakouts afterwards have been so severe I always end up going back.

It’s been 2 months off of Proactiv and this time, my skin has made the transition effortlessly! I have breakouts here and there but it’s NOTHING compared to what I experienced before.

Everyone is different; some of you may have a much easier story and for some this may not work for you at all. I am in no way putting down Proactiv, it has saved me for many many years but in this time in my life I feel like I need to move on. For those of you who are still using Proactiv and will continue to, that’s great too.

All that matters is that our skin (and wallets) are happy!